Monday, January 11, 2010

Branca’s Timeless Look

Alessandra Branca is one of Chicago’s top interior designers, whom I’m sure most of you recognize. I recently purchased her new book New Classic Interiors. Her gesture to donate the proceeds of all sales of the book to charities in several major cities, including Washington DC’s Inner-City Educational Program (THEARC), is truly admirable.

I enjoyed the book immensely, and loved her approach to design. Branca’s love for the classics, in both art and architecture, is evident in her interiors. It is the force behind her drive and success as an interior designer.

I also came across some old photos of Branca’s living room from almost fifteen years ago and beyond, when she showcased her own living room in her Chicago townhouse.
According to Branca, “a home is always a work in progress.” That is so true. You can see and compare for yourself how the room has evolved over the years.

In my opinion, the room sustained its own graceful touches, and all designs share a common thread: elegance.


Photo 1 Courtesy of Traditional Home, photography Jenifer Jordan 
Photo 2 Traditional Home: Signature Style, photography Gordon Beall
Photo 3,4 New Classic Interiors, photography Thibault Jeanson


RAG said...

very interesting progression!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

It's always fun to see how a room changes as different colors and a few new additions keep it fresh and updated. Alessandra is one of my favorite designers, she has a wonderful personality, too! Lidy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Interesting subject.

Picture of Elegance Blog said...

Lidy, I agree with you. Alessandra is never afraid of using colors in her interiors, especially the color red.


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