Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Greek Splendor

Geometric design is associated with straight lines, squares, rectangles, cubes, and other specific shapes. The Greeks are credited for perfecting this approach in their architecture, art, and ornamental motifs. The Greek key pattern falls under this category.

The Greek key is an ornamental repeated pattern of straight vertical and horizontal lines that are linked continuously to symbolize infinity and oneness. Although ancient Greece played a big role in highlighting this symbol, its roots stem from ancient Egyptian civilization.

This motif has been often used as a classic accent in architecture, pottery, interior design, fashion and jewelry design. I’ve always gravitated toward the Greek key symbol. Maybe it’s the rhythm, the order, and the symmetrical balance that it portrays. Adding this pattern in the right proportions in an interior space certainly adds character, and maybe a Greek drama…

Photo 1 the gilded table is from a Danish mansion,the gilded Greek key chair in the back is designed by Steven Volpe
Photo 2 designer Victoria Neale, photography by Gordon Beall courtesy of House Beautiful
Photo 3 designer
Palmer Weiss courtesy of Weiss’s site
Photo 4 The Home Book (House beautiful) , designer ken Fulk, photography Karyn R. Millet
Photo 5 Guinevere courtesy of 1st Dibs
Photo 6 designer
Barry Dixon courtesy of Dixon’s site


RAG said...

i like that sofa a lot...very stylish said...

wonderful :-)

just like it



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