Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Art in Design

When it comes to collecting art, each one of us has a different point of view, and art usually reflects the interest of the owner. The images could include classical or modern and range from landscapes to elevations and architectural facades.

I consider art as a form of communication. Personally, I like to collect botanical prints, landscapes, and, in particular, drawings of interiors and images of elevations with architectural facades. I tend to appreciate images that are hand-drawn (v. computer-generated), as it allows the artist to have a deeper connection with the drawing.

Some people consider collecting architectural drawings as masculine, and thus should be displayed in certain rooms, such as the study. I disagree; I think it’s neither feminine nor masculine, and architectural images could be displayed in any room of the house or business, as a collection or mixed with other genres.
Do you collect architectural drawings?
A monument print of a monumental scale by John Saladino

Photo 1 photography by  Amal for Picture of Elegance Blog
Photo 2 designer John Saladino, photography Dominique Vorillon
Photo 3, 4 designer Anthony Hail, photography Alan Weintraub
Photo 5 photography Michael Hoppen
Photo 6 photography Fritz Von Der Schulenburg


JeanetteS said...

I have a couple architectural drawings and am interested in collecting more. And when I need a good architectural-fix, I read books on Monticello. It's been a while since I last visited. Perhaps it's time for another visit.

Thanks for the inspiration!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

i have a gallery wall of architectural renderings and watercolors i've collected from auctions and family in my apartment...i get so many comments on it! I think charlotte moss is a designer who uses a LOT of architectural renderings in her work and it is all very feminine (and fabulous!)

Picture of Elegance said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. I have a set of interior drawings that I bought a while ago from Charlotte Moss townhouse which I haven’t framed yet! House interiors drawings are always fascinating.

Kathy said...

I have just been enjoying your posts, all the art, design, history etc is beautiful. Such inspiration all in one space.

These architectural drawings are gorgeous. I am a fan of Charlotte Moss and John Saladino. and now Picture of Elegance too. Kathy.

Picture of Elegance said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment, and for visiting. It’s always thrilling to connect with bloggers who share similar passions.

Karena said...

I do not collect them, however I do think the architectural drawings are most interesting.


The Down East Dilettante said...

Being an antiques dealer means that home collections are sometimes at risk. Hence, although I have several wonderful architectural drawings, I live with eternal regret at selling a late 19th century Ecole des Beaux Arts drawing, six feet high, in soft red and black, in elevation, of a roman rotunda. Stupid me.

Incidentally, I notice that several of these photos are of Anthony Hail's apartment---the first pics I ever saw of his rooms were what got me started buying architecturals, as it happens.

Michelle said...

This has yummy all over it. I purchased a couple of prints at the Paris flea market, and they hang right beside my bed. I have memorized the floor plan and details of each one.

Great post!



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