Monday, February 8, 2010

Isn’t It Romantic

When I think of romantic interiors, pretty rooms and gentle colors come to mind. Some people love subtle colors; others think of warmer colors such as a warm red and green.

Interpretation of romance differs with each person, but each interpretation has one thing in common and that is the uniqueness and the feel that it gives, whether it’s through flowers, lace, candles, patterned fabrics, painted ceilings, or classic furniture.

Scandinavians are well known for their soft painted furniture. Scandinavian cabinetmakers were influenced by French and English style, but they put their stamp on it by creating soft curved furniture made of soft woods such as pine, which led to lightly colored furniture. Aside from using mostly painted furniture, to combat their long dark hours of winter, they also used mirrored sconces to add reflection to their interiors.

Romantic Swedish interiors

Diane Burn design who's famous for her romantic rooms

The grand style of Jacques Garcia

The four poster bed, sheer fabrics, floral carpet,and antique furniture,all create a romantic bedroom  
Photo 1, 2 courtesy of House Beautiful, designers Kartin Cargill & Carol Glasser
Photo 3 courtesy of Architectural Digest, designer Diane Burn
Photo 4 designer Jacques Garcia, photography Andreas Von Einsiedel
Photo 5, 8 Simply Romantic Decorating,photography by Rory Earnshaw
Photo 6 courtesy of House Beautiful, designer Erin Martin, photography Dominique Volliron
Photo 7, 9 Romantic Style


Anonymous said...

Love that botanical wallpaper!


Greet said...

Oh yes very romantic interiors! The last bathroom is my favorite!!


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