Monday, March 8, 2010

Dogs in Art

Growing up with a pet dog named Rex (Collie), who lived to be fourteen years old, brought my brother and I a tremendous joy in our lives. Having dogs around enhances the way we feel and act. It’s a nurturing experience that gives a wonderful feeling for the heart and soul.

Since I’m a dog lover, I’m always drawn to images of the faithful friend. I tend to collect art, and little accessories that are dog related. Dogs have always been the human’s best companion, which can be traced back to thousands of years, and artists have repeatedly captivated the images of dogs in their art. Dog pictures can be found in oil, prints or watercolor.

The British in general loved portraying their dogs in art. Some devote a whole room for the canine art.

Many famous designers including Charles Faudree, Mario Buatta, and Bunny Williams have been known for incorporating canine art in their spaces.
Charles Faudree Charles FaudreeBunny Williams Dog portraits filled the sitting room designed by Mario Buatta at the 34th Kips Bay Show House

I personally love Lucy Dawson’s beautiful dog sketches. Are you a dog lover?

Photo 1 courtesy of William Secord gallery’s website
Photo 2 via Flickr
Photo 3 photography Ivan Terestchenko
Photo 4 photography Jennifer Jordan
Photo 5 courtesy of Veranda, photography Mick Hales
Photo 6 photography Fritz Von Der Shulenburg
Photo 7 courtesy of NYSD’s site


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I received an email with a link to your blog, from a fellow blogger who knew how much I would love this post! She was sooo right! Just charming.

Picture of Elegance said...

I Just visited your blog. I love it! I'm also a big fan of Paul McCartney.

DC by Design said...

I really enjoy all your retrospective posts on great designers. You can see more of this type of art with Evelyn Avery, whose suite at the Willard is open through next Wednesday -- it's worth a visit!


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