Friday, March 26, 2010

Exotic Fabrics

When it comes to defining interiors, fabrics play a large role in highlighting the character and accent of the space. With today’s advanced technology, there is a wealth of striking and durable fabrics available in the market, from classic to exotic to contemporary. You may able to view samples online, in magazines, and in books, but nothing can replace a close-up look at a fabric, when you can best view the look and feel of textural details.

If you’re looking for exotic fabrics, Harlequin fabrics has a diverse fabric collection, which is reflective of the unique heritage of different cultural groups. It’s well known for its quality and eclectic fabric collection that is inspired by Indian, Persian, and Japanese influences.

The Tamika Collection which is inspired by the Geisha's kimono and Japanese gardens.The Japanese style reflects the contrast of the quiet next to the loud

The Lalika Collection which includes exotic fabrics inspired by Indian and Persian cultures

The Iznik Collection, inspired by Moorish textiles and ceramics

Photos courtesy of Harlequin's site

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