Monday, April 19, 2010

What do you see?

…by carefully examining Albert Hadley’s inspiration board at his apartment in the late 60’s, I see a modest man who loves architecture; Art Deco (especially while he was growing up, art deco was the grand style in Hollywood). I see simplicity in his vision in designing interiors. I see he’s inspired by nature, pattern and colors. I see images of people he respects and cares about including Sister Parish, David Hicks, maybe images of family members and dear friends. I see all the things that are meaningful to him.

There are some faces on the board that I didn’t recognize, any thoughts?

Photography by William Steele


Karena said...

Beautiful. I just love inspiration boards don't you?

Art by Karena

Picture of Elegance said...

Absolutely, I consider it a visual feast!


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