Friday, May 21, 2010

California Dreaming

A follow- up to my last post, here is a presentation by Saladino. I just discovered this video via You Tube. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend.
Photo by Barbara & René Stoeltie


Trouvais said...

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much. Though I've always noted, loved his work, have his Villa book, its wonderful to hear about his aesthetic ...from the master himself. Trish

Picture of Elegance Blog said...

Thank you Trish for your lovely comment.I'm so glad you enjoyed the post.

Greet Lefèvre said...

Thank you so much for sharing this video ! I really enjoyed!!
Have a warm sunny weekend!

Mary said...

Can't wait to share your blog with my designer friends. "California Dreaming" took me there.

Karena said...

Wonderful thoughts from a great designer!!

Art by Karena


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