Friday, May 7, 2010

A Lady’s Private Space

I always fondly remember my mother’s skirted dressing table. It was a gathered skirt, made of blue and grey patterned fabric. Underneath the skirt was a pine table, which had a storage space where my mother kept her fashion magazines.

Every thing on that table was carefully selected and displayed- her perfume bottles, her make up, her hairbrushes and combs, her jewelry, and her framed family photos. With a small mirror on top which added a touch of glamour. It had the perfect look.

Skirted dressing tables have a certain femininity and lure that takes you away from everyday life, creating your own little space of indulgence. I think every woman should have one. What do you think?

The lace fabric adds a romantic touch to this dressing table, courtesy of House Beautiful, photography by Joe Standart

Designer Nancy Lancaster added a dressing table in her bathroom, I love the window and the drapery, photography by Horst P. Horst
Designer Frank Babb Randolph's serene classic look in a Georgetown house in DC, courtesy of Veranda , photography by Gordon Beall

Designer Mark Hampton used several layers to dress up this soft and striking dressing table, photography by Keith Scott Morton
Simple elegance by designer Carolyne Roehm, photography by Sylvie Becquet

Photo1 courtesy of Victoria magazine, photography by John Dolan


RAG said...

I would have one if I had space for one...

Anonymous said...

Great post. I will use some of your ideas at my own home. Thanks for such elegant blog.

Picture of Elegance said...

Thank you for visiting!

Red River Interiors: said...

Lovely post...of course we women need a beautiful space of our own. Wasn't it Edith Wharton who said,"A woman needs her own money and a room of her own", or something like that... Fay

Picture of Elegance said...

That is so true!


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