Friday, June 4, 2010

Cool Blues

So many times, I’ve seen interiors, especially bedrooms, where the favored color palette was blue mixed with neutrals- white, grey, beige or brown. I think its popularity stems from what the color blue stands for: truth, loyalty and honesty. Our emotional association with the blue, particularly light blue, is calmness. It’s comforting because we see it in nature, in the sky and sea, so it represents infinity.

I love soft blues; I have used it in my own bedroom. It usually makes an excellent choice in a space where natural light is limited, as it introduces lightness to the room.
Not everyone likes a blue room, how do you feel about it?

A beautiful bedroom designed by local designer Thomas Pheasant. Since the house was located on Maryland's eastern shore, the blue color palette was simply perfect.Courtesy of Architectural Digest, photography by Gordon Beall

A distinctive seating area designed by Washington DC designer José Solis Betancourt, courtesy of Southern Accents, photography by William Waldron
The feel of the beach... designer Suzzane Kasler, courtesy of Southern Accents
The delicate touch of pale blue. Courtesy of House Beautiful, photography by Oberto Gili
Courtesy of Southern Accents, photography by William Waldron

Photo 1 courtesy of Veranda, photography by Toshi Otsuki


This Photographer's Life (Architecture+ Interior Design) said...

Interesting. I love the though process behind why people choose blue bedrooms... that makes sense. I favor green myself, but blue is just so calming and pleasing to the eye!

Picture of Elegance said...

Soft blues always lifts the spirits... Thank you Blayne for visiting.

chateaudelille said...

I'm a big fan of blue and my blog shows that. It's peaceful, elegant and often dreamy when you get the right blue. I love it!Fiona


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