Friday, September 10, 2010

Hodgins Style

What’s fascinating about the work of the prominent interior designer William Hodgins is that he always successfully mixes and matches furniture styles and fabrics that add notable touches to his exquisite residential interiors.

Hodgins was educated at The Parsons School of Design in New York. He later honed his skills under the direction of Sister Parish and Albert Hadley before starting his own firm in Boston in 1968. He is an award -winning designer well known for his sophisticated designs.

His mastery in creating classic, harmonious rooms comes from his ability to produce the sense of balance and order in his interiors where blending is the key. Hodgins’ signature style comes from his avoidance of the use of patterned fabrics, and instead emphasizing on rich textures, cream colors, painted furniture, garden sculptures, architectural elements, while placing great importance on light in his rooms.

House Beautiful best described his style, when it said, “His rooms speak for themselves with a whisper, not a shout.” That’s so true…

The first two photos were taken at Hodgins's own apartment in Boston. I love the Italian mirror in the dining room and the random touch of color
The above two photos represent Hodgins's work in Virginia

Photo 1, 2 courtesy of House Beautiful, photography by Antoine Bootz
Photo 3 courtesy of House Beautiful's site, photography by Edéric Vasseur
Photo 4 courtesy of House & Garden, photography by William Waldron
Photo 5 photography by Steven Trefonides


Anonymous said...

Dear POE, I have found your posting on William Hodgins, a deigner of whom I had not heard until today, most interesting and informative. I love the rooms you show here, all so cool and elegant and yet so welcoming and inviting. A talent indeed.

I have just found your weblog via Architect Design and have subscribed in order to keep in touch.

Picture Of Elegance said...

Edith, I'm so glad you enjoyed my post.
I have been following Hodgins' work for years... his refined taste always capture my attention.Thank you for visiting my blog.

Splendid Sass said...

This is perfect. Just perfect. Such beautiful images! These are my colors, and I love all of the art.
Have a nice day.

Michelle said...

That's so true...I just love his room whispering- they are stunning.


Picture Of Elegance said...

Teresa, Michelle,
His rooms are always inspiring and welcoming...I'm glad you share my point of view.

Anonymous said...

The highlight of my day was discovering this elegant designer and site. Thank You for sharing....Truly an inspiration for my upcoming renovation...Cynthia

Picture of Elegance said...

Thank you for visiting.I hope you'll enjoy my future posts...


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