Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Orange Pumpkin

While preparing today’s post and going through countless images of interiors, two classic inspirational rooms caught my eye.

The late Melanie Kahane designed the first room. In the first half of the twentieth century when designers leaned more toward restrained color schemes for interiors, designer Melanie Kahane used the fearless color combination of black and white and pumpkin in designing her famous French provincial bedroom. Kahane certainly distinguished herself and captured the public’s attention, since at that time this room was frequently photographed.

Jeffrey Bilhuber, who is known for using bold color choices and for his chic well-appointed spaces, designed the second room below. Bilhuber used the pumpkin color on walls and curtains, bringing warmth into the space. It works beautifully with black and white, and creates a powerful palette.

I think both rooms make a statement. By placing the colors in a certain sequence, it declared confidence and sophistication. What do you think?

Photo 1 courtesy of House&Garden, photography by Hannel Cassidy
Photo 2 photography by Trel Brock


Splendid Sass said...

Both rooms are stunning. I am not familiar with the work of Melanie Kahane, but her work is beautiful. Bulhuber can do no wrong in my eyes. He is a design genius!
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Dear PoE, Although I should not choose to decorate with 'pumpkin' myself [ except to create a lantern], both of these interiors are wonderful, the second being my favourite. In combination with black and white, the burnished orange does indeed look dramatic, bold and striking. Perfect.

Design Elements said...

happy halloween! i do not like orange & prefer neutrals but your images are beautiful

My Notting Hill said...

Both rooms are beautiful but I especially love Bilhuber's room. He's one of my favorite designers.


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