Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mark Hampton’s Vision: A Mark of Excellence

I was excited to find an old article about one of Mark Hampton’s projects in southern Florida in an old issue of Architectural Digest. The home (or I should say mansion) was in British colonial style, and the project was a collaboration between Hampton and architect Charles Pawley.

The chosen powerful color combinations for the interiors were influenced by the location of the mansion, the hot climate, the natural light, the landscape, and the clients’ personal preferences.

 While enjoying the images you’ll see that each room commands your attention through the unique atmosphere it creates. A unified look ties together a series of colors schemes, and creates an effortless flow from one room to another. In the end, all rooms work together as a whole.

At the entrance hall, nature was incorporated in the mural, tropical palm trees taking their cue from the outdoors (Artist Robert Jackson)

The lively combination and atmosphere of freshness created by cheerful sunshine yellow and soothing and crisp green in the living room

The sunny dining room, notice the breakfast table on the right

A darker scheme for the library, giving the feeling of warmth, and allowing the books to glow against the background

Blue serenity in the bedroom. According to Hampton, the color palette was chosen to reflect the sea and sky, which can be seen from the bedroom


 Photos Architectural Digest Oct 1993, photography by Carlos Domenech


Anonymous said...

I imagine that living in this house would give you a cheerful feeling and a sense of optimism

Picture of Elegance Blog said...

Anon: That is so true...

design elements said...


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Comfort is really apparent...and luxurious fabrics.


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