Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Balanced Act

Two living rooms, two admired interior designers: David Hicks and Thomas O’Brien

David Hicks
Thomas O'Brien

While looking at these photos, you’ll see two rooms with the same concept. The emphasis is placed on the focal point, the fireplace, by creating two sides of the room that are almost identical. You’ll see the perfect scale of furniture, and a symmetrical composition.

Hicks created more movement in his space through the art, sculptures, and textures. The yellow filled the room with some energy…
O’Brien created the classic modern monochromatic look by focusing on one neutral color. It all blends very well and very discreetly.

Hicks and O’Brien brought the modern touch to their interiors, and they both achieved quite formal balance, creating soft relaxing schemes that are exciting at the same time.

Photo 1 Style and Design, photography unknown
Photo 2 photography by Laura Resen


RAG said...

I think I prefer Hicks' room-- it is neutral but still has subtle pops of color.

Maison de lin said...


I agree whit you. Lovely blogspot ande very nice comment. Thanks



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