Monday, September 26, 2011

Mrs. Kennedy’s Bedroom

In an attempt to create a warm and inviting feeling for her husband and children at the White House, Jacqueline Kennedy requested the help of the famed decorator Mrs. Henry Parish II, well known as Sister Parish, in decorating their private quarters.

In response to Jackie’s desire to recreate her old bedroom from their previous home in Georgetown, Sister Parish designed a room that continued the same feel, which was comfortable and casually elegant.

Although both the President and the first lady used the room, the feminine touch was apparent and primarily it was her space, as the president had his own bedroom.

The fabric samples

There were two mattresses, one of them was a firm mattress for the President
specifically selected to ease his back pain

The Parish touch 1961.The snow owl watercolor was by Peter Paillon

The sitting area was rearranged later by Stéphane Boudin in 1962, a rocking chair was added for the President 
Photos courtesy of John F. Kennedy Library


The Devoted Classicist said...

There were His and Hers bedrooms, of course, and this was Hers.

quintessence said...

I always loved this room!! I wouldn't need my own bedroom but I would love my own bath!!


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