Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Season’s Greenings in D.C.

I would like to share with you photos of the National Botanic Gardens, which is a living plant museum in Washington D.C. In celebrating the holiday season, the garden is displaying one of the largest indoor Christmas trees; in addition, you can see many of the landmarks were recreated from plants.

Pine cones, willow acorns caps, and grapevine tendrils were used to create these amazing buildings by designer and landscape architect Paul Busse.The frame was created from acrylic based foam, the walls were finished with sand grout, and plants were used to make the architectural details.

The U.S. Capitol took about 600 hours to build

Have a wonderful holiday. Wishing you a world of joy and happiness

Photography by Amal for Picture of Elegance Blog


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

quintessence said...

Beautiful. Hoping you and yours had a wonderful holiday!!


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