Saturday, March 9, 2013

Classic yet Revolutionary

This loft in Kortrijk, Belgium used to be, at one point, a warehouse. To accommodate her client, architect Stephanie Laporte had transformed and designed the space according to the way the client wanted to live by mixing opposites, whether it’s the style or texture to keep it interesting.

A twenty-six foot high glass roof was installed to allow light in above the grand living room, which centered the space. Two apartments were created on either side, and glass partitions created an overlook into the living room. 

  A visual rhythm was created by the repetition of the same

 The simple concrete floors and walls showcased the classic curves and lines of the furnishings, and art both modern and traditional

Because of the abundance of light, bold colors were used and the light shining through 
added a dramatic dimension in the dining room. Notice the industrial table

Amazing view!

Photography by Gilles Trillard. The New Eighteenth- Century Home by Michéle Lalande   


Anonymous said...

That is very interesting idea. It is amazing how the rooms are transformed when you let the sun light come into the house. It makes want to live in it.

Charles Flaum said...

That is very interesting idea. In Photography this is one kind of technique! Picture Lighting


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