Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Notable Grace At The MET

As promised, today I am going to share with you the photos that I took during my last visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. My plan was to specifically visit the Wrightsman Galleries for French Decorative Arts.

Recently the galleries have undergone renovations to better highlight their collection of French furniture and other decorative arts, which had royal reference.

You see examples of eighteenth-century French salons with the period rooms - which represent the Rococo with its ornate style - in addition to Louis XVI style, which I personally prefer.

Louis XVI chairs with the fluted legs,notice the parquet floors with it's geometric designs and marquetry which was popular during that period
The lighting in the period rooms was subdued - as if it was candle lit – in order to recreate an atmosphere, and to show the reflections in the surfaces of the mirrors, chandeliers and the gold leafed elements.
While standing in the middle of the rooms, I felt as if I was transported in a time machine just to have a glimpse of how life was during that period. The aura was simply amazing.

A Rococo commode

Photography by Amal for Picture of Elegance Blog


Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful! Two of my favorite museums are the Getty in Los Angeles, and the Victoria & Albert in London - both of which have magnificent French furniture collections. I have not been to the MET in many years, but will make a point to visit on my next trip to NYC!

I love the harp in one of your pictures...I often toy with the idea of getting a harp both for its musical qualities and its beauty!

Greet Lefèvre said...

Thank you so much for this amazing pictures!
The MET is on my "to visit" list!


Picture of Elegance Blog said...

I'm glad you loved the photos.The MET is full of priceless art. Next time I'm planning on visiting the new Greek and Roman galleries.

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I love the colour palette here-just discovered your blog via Greet!

Picture of Elegance Blog said...

Thank you for visiting.

andrew1860 said...

Your pictures are beautiful, They show more light in the rooms then I remember being there in person. I know that they are trying to achieve a period look, but I have been in many period 18th century rooms, but the newly renovated French rooms at the Met are a little too dark. I could not enjoy or see everything.


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