Monday, January 4, 2010

An Orange Punch

In designing interiors, neutral is a simple color scheme that can be created by using white, grey, tan, beige, brown or black. This scheme tends to expand spaces and create a beautiful background for other colors in furniture, accessories or art.

I love the color orange- but only in small doses. It is a happy, energetic color that can lift the spirit, and can be very chic when used as an accent with subtle interiors.
A stunning living room designed by Washington D.C. designer Frank Babb Randolph,clean and crisp with a punch of orange
David Hicks loved using orange in his interiors
By mixing the light and dark, the contrast creates a beautiful canvas for orange

Photo 1 courtesy of House Beautiful's site
Photo 2 designer Frank Babb Randolph, photography Gordon Beall
Photo 3 David Hicks: Designer
Photo 4 courtesy of Eric cohler's
Photo 5 San Francisco Style, designer
Stephen Shubel, photography David Livingston


Things That Inspire said...

I love a little dash of orange. When I moved into my current house in the late 90s, the key piece that I decorated around was a sage Tibetan rug with a small border of orange - which was part of my mother in law's 80s decorated house (she downsized in the mid 90s). I often wonder if this new fascination with orange is the 80s trend for peach coming back in a deeper tones?

So - I have a dining room that was decorated in orange to pull out the orange in the rug. I finally got tired of an orange dining room, but I kept the beautiful orange silk drapes (the walls are now cream) - I feel happy every time I see them, and love how the sunlight shines through and makes them glow.

P.S. - there is a picture on my recent post with an orange leather chair!

Picture of Elegance said...

The orange leather chair adds warmth, and sophistication to the room palette (I love that photo). I think orange walls could look great if used in the right tones in certain small entryways depending on the lighting. I still prefer touches of orange.


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