Friday, February 26, 2010

Dark Sophistication

Distributing colors in interiors can be a tricky thing. Warm colors such as red, yellow and orange have the ability to advance, while cool colors like blue and green tend to recede. The amount of light in the space also affects your color choices.

There are different methods of color application in interiors. One of them is to put darker colors in the backgrounds such as walls and floors, and use more subtle, neutral colors for furniture, with the added accents of color. It all depends on what you want to emphasize.

Black and brown walls usually add drama and richness to the space. I love it in interiors, and I 'm tempted to find the perfect space to try it! how about you?

High gloss lacquer walls add light reflection to this living room designed by Mario Buatta

Mark Hampton used dark walls & light colored bookcase to give a warm feeling in the winter and a cool feeling in the summer

Kelly Wearstler used white and yellow to create contrast in the space

The classic look by Dan Carithers at the 2008 Southern Accents Show House at Regents Park in Atlanta
Strong wall color was used to highlight the painting and the antiques in this gallery

Gold and grey colors were used as an accent

Photo 1 courtesy of Architectural Digest's site, designer Mario Buatta, photography Derry Moore
Photo 2 courtesy of House Beautiful, designer Mark Hampton, photography Lizzie Himmel
Photo 3 designer Kelly Wearstler, photography Grey Crawford
Photo 4 courtesy of Southern Accents, designer Dan Carithers, photography Erica George Dines
Photo 5 Genevieve Weaver gallery, photography Von Der Schulenburg
Photo 6 Southern Accents on Color, photography William Waldren


JeanetteS said...

I love these examples, particularly the last one. Brown seems to be the color I favor these days. And I'm inspired how grey is one of the accent colors. said...

wonderful I love all the pictures, mmmm



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