Sunday, February 28, 2010

Planning for Oscars Night

I’m sure many of us are looking forward to watching the Oscars next week- all the movie stars, fashion, glitz and glamour. In addition, I usually look forward to seeing the stage for the production.

In set design, the stage is the focal point, the background for a production. Setting the scene usually involves creating a visual ambience that is appropriate for the event, for maximum audience enjoyment, and perhaps a magical atmosphere.

Production designer David Rockwell from Rockwell Group was chosen as the set designer for this year’s Oscars. According to official site of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ site:

“Light and movement, the most basic components of movie making, will be integrated into this year’s sets to create an immersive, transformative environment. Rockwell Group has reprised one of the most dazzling elements of the 81st Academy Awards design – the Swarovski Crystal Curtain – but with new and unexpected features for an even greater theatrical effect. The overall design is intended to evoke a classic but modern glamour, with white, platinum, topaz and smoky bronze hues.”

Enjoy Rockwell’s presentation.

Photo, Audrey Hepburn,Time and Life pictures
Video via You Tube

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