Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ceramic Art

I’ve been noticing lately in certain design magazines some rooms were featured with walls that are covered with the traditional Portuguese tiles.
Azulejos is the Portuguese signature tile; they were used in the past to cover palaces, churches, homes, and public spaces. It has been the Portuguese method of surface covering for both interiors and exteriors since the fifteenth century.
Tile panels saved from a sixteenth century church
Imagery in tiles has been around since the ancient times of Babylon. Warrior images on tiles were used as a way to intimidate enemies. The Portuguese voyagers, during their explorations to the East including Africa discovered the glazed Spanish and Moorish tiles. The Portuguese later produced and added their own touch on the polished stone by depicting different designs and pictorial scenes that reflected their own culture.
These decorative tiles are beautiful, easy to clean, and reflect light nicely. I can picture them in rustic interiors…
The Portuguese tiles were already installed in this bathroom when designer Joe Nye completed the job

Such a wonderful water reflection!

Photo 1,Villa Decor by Betty Lou Phillips, photography by Dan Piassick

Photo 3, courtesy of Veranda, photography by Carlos Domenech

Photo 4, courtesy of House Beautiful, photography by Luca Trovato

Photo 5, Alberto Pinto Classics, designer Alberto Pinto


Teresa Hatfield said...

Absolutely beautiful.
Teresa (Splendid Sass)

Gina said...

Have always loved Italian and Portuguese ceramics. After many years of collecting and bringing home ceramics from trips I finally decided to learn how to paint them. I highly recommend learning this art form. A trip or two to Italy will get you started in the right direction.
Enjoyed your beautiful post.

Picture of Elegance said...

Gina, I’m sure it’s fascinating to see how these tiles are manufactured, hand painted and glazed. It’s a wonderful artistic expression. I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

Michael Mattison said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos you've selected here; that kitchen shot is my fav. Now how welcoming and cozy is that? The ceramics really make the difference.
I've yet to see Portugal and its famous azulejos, but my own personal favorite form of ceramics is something you're probably familiar with yourself: the Deruta patterns from Umbria, which you find all over Umbria and Tuscany. In particular, the "Raffaellesco" pattern for platters, plates and coffee cups -- divine! Guests can't get enough when they see the intricate patterns.
Glad to have discovered your blog.
All the best,

Picture of Elegance said...

Thank you Michael for your lovely comment. I love the vibrant and rich colors of Italian ceramics… Actually; there are examples of the sixteenth century Deruta at the National Gallery of Art in D.C.
I haven’t been to Italy, but I plan to visit one day!

Gina said...

When you do go to Deruta, Italy, you must visit the Regional Museum in the historic center of Deruta. It holds one of the finest ceramic collections in the world. Leave a little extra time to spend a few hours in the charming and intimate Library. A fine assortment of ceramic design books is also available in their museum shop.

Picture of Elegance said...

Thank you Gina for the tip. I'll certainly keep that in mind.


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