Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Inspirations

I call December the month of preparations. Between the shopping for gifts, sending Christmas greeting cards, decorating the Christmas tree and home, attending parties… it can really feel like a marathon. Still, the best part of the season is the sweet and warm feeling you get when people come together for celebrations, not forgetting the importance of charity.

Perhaps best of all is seeing the joy of the season in the twinkling eyes of the children while they are untying ribbons and unwrapping gifts with smiles on their faces. Come to think of it-I think we all have this feeling; we’re all kids on Christmas morning!

Here are some inspirational images of the season. Enjoy!

Simple yet grand at the same time...designer Mary McDonald, photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna, courtesy of Veranda

Golden pears, and Hyacinth topiary in a breakfast room, designer Peggy Sewell, photography by Tria Giovan, courtesy of Southern Accents

The fireplace is covered with cedar garland and green roses, designers Peter Vitale & Harry Greiner, photography by Peter Vitale, courtesy of Veranda

Beautiful Boxwood topiary tree decorated with lemons and roses, Washington D.C. floral designer Allan Woods, courtesy of Southern Accents

A warm Christmas by designer Carolyne Roehm
Photo 1 designer Stephen Shubel, courtesy of Victoria


Splendid Sass said...

Such beautiful images, Thank you for sharing. Hoping that your Christmas season is a happy one.

Ann said...

So gorgeous...

those holiday decorations look so festive and classy at the same time.

chateaudelille said...

Such gorgeous pics. Love all the ideas in them. Fiona


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