Thursday, December 2, 2010

Window Scenes

Just came back from a quick trip to New York. The holiday scene was amazing as usual. I managed to capture some images of the fantasy scenes in Bergdorf’s windows, which showcased the power of the presentation. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
 The fleet scene, my favorite!

Photography by Amal for  Picture of Elegance Blog


Splendid Sass said...

So creative. I love the store windows.
Thank you for sharing.

little augury said...

these are so glorious, thank you so much for sharing them, and I loved enlarging them to see all the detail.pgt

Picture Of Elegance said...

It's always fun to just stand in front every window and study every little detail!!

Anonymous said...

Dear PoE, I agree that store windows can look wonderful and are so creatively inspiring. The Bergdorf windows do indeed look most enchanting and remind me of those at Harvey Nichols and Fortnum and Mason in London which always look particularly beguiling at Christmas.


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