Monday, June 18, 2012

Beyond the Exquisite at Hillwood Museum

The Hillwood Museum’s new exhibition Prêt-à-Papier is now on view until December 30 of this year. For the first time in Washington D.C., the Belgian artist Isabelle De Borchgrave displays her paper fashion collection derived from the history of fashion.

Inspired by European painting and fashion, the exhibition starts by highlighting the materials, methods, tools, and techniques used by the skillful hands of the artist and her team. By using the method of trompe l’oeil, opulent gowns, shoes, and dresses from the early twentieth century were created.

Yes...It's paper!

Isabelle De Borchgrave’s fascination with the dress and her interpretations of it are remarkable- she creates such delicate pieces that simultaneously have a powerful impact.

Some of the gowns are on view in the Adirondack building and exhibited in different rooms around the mansion.

Photos 1,2 photography by Alain Speltdoorn, courtesy of Hillwood Museum


Anonymous said...

You have a great blog! I love the paper dresses.
-The Keeper of the Little Red Diary

Picture of Elegance said...


Thank you for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post...


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