Monday, July 30, 2012

Red Does It All

I have always loved this red room designed by the design legend David Hicks, in which the red color defined and filled the space with excitement. This is a great example of careful planning- a perfect English red room, both balanced and classically styled.

The room was divided by the contrasting colors of red and white. The light colored ceiling and molding makes the ceiling appear higher. The dark fireplace was accentuated by the dark artwork, which was carried vertically, creating a beautifully symmetrical interior.

As for the lighting, as typical of traditional interiors, it feels like it was lit by candles, which makes the colors even more vivid.

Here are more examples of red rooms. Enjoy!

Photo 1 photography by Derry Moore
Photo 2 designer Jacques Garcia, photography by Jean- Francois Jaussaud
Photo 3 designer Gérard Trémolet, photography by René Stoeltie
Photo 4 designer Mark Hampton, photography Peter Vitale


RAG said...

A little too much red for me...I like the last photo though!

GinaBVictorian said...

Hi! I am your newest follower. I love Victorian decorating and red is Victorian. My dining room is red. If you visit my blog you will find it on my "Dining Room Transformation" post. Have a great weekend! Gina

Anonymous said...

Amal and I have something in common...RED! She has a lovely blog.
The Keeper of The Little Red Diary


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